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AW Advance Search

AW Advance Search is a multi-column and multi-value search utility. It allows users to configure the web part so that end users can quickly search any List or Library by constructing the search criteria. The end user will have option to select search parameters and also have provisions to select columns for search results.
The main advantage of this web part is that users can select “Single” or “Multiple” or “All” values of lookup columns. It also allows users to choose the Boolean operator to narrow down the search results and export the search results in excel format.
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Version: V1.0 Last Updated: 1st August 2016
Compatibility: SharePoint Server 2013

AW Advance Search

AW Advance Search add-on will give customers the easiest way to create a muti-column and multi-value Advance search panel and data view format. It presents a simple, straightforward search interface for any selected List or Library of that web site.

This Addons provides user the flexibility to easily create an Advance and a complex query on large Lists or Library, such as issues or tasks, by using all available fields with Boolean operators and grouping.

It also provides options to select Single or Multiple or All values of any Search parameter, and incorporate that within the search criteria by grouping the field values with OR operators.

Finally the search results are presented through grid view and user will have facility to select the column of the view like a SharePoint List or Library view. It also have facility to download the search result in excel format and take print out for future reference.

Users can narrow down the search results by the following way:

  • Select the Lists or Library which one you want to search
  • Choose the specific fields from the selected List or Library for search parameter
  • Construct the search criteria by deciding AND or OR logical operators
  • Checked Single or Multiple or All field values of any lookup field for advance search results
  • Choose the columns from selected list or library for displaying the search results
  • Take a backup of the search results in excel format for future reference

  • Now available for SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013. New!
  • User can select the List or Library from the SharePoint site
  • User have provisions to select columns from the selected list for search parameter
  • User also have provisions to design the format of the search result
  • User have provisions to select “Single” or “Multiple” or “All” column value for advance search
  • By default al column values are grouped by OR operator

    Constrain a search to a single list without having to create an index and search scope.

  • Display search result hits by individual List or Library item

    By default all search parameters are grouped by AND operator

  • User have provisions to choose either AND or OR Boolean operators between two parameters and incorporated that grouping within the search criteria
  • Ability to search key words in all list columns.
  • Allow users to Export the searched results in Excel format
  • Exported data can be saved in a directory folder and print out can be taken from that
  • Search results are displayed in sorted order, by default in ascending order

1. Extract the zip file and copy the AW_AdvanceSearch_2013.wsp in C drive

2. Steps for Deploying the Web Part: Open Command Prompt as Administrator and write the following command:

 C:> cd\

 C:> cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN

 C:> stsadm.exe -o addsolution -filename C:\AW_AdvanceSearch_2013.wsp

3. Open SharePoint 2013 Central Administrator >> Go to System Settings >> Click on Manage Farm Solutions

4. Click on aw_advancesearch_2013.wsp >> Click on Deploy Solution Now Deploy the solutions in the SharePoint site. After it is deployed it will look like the following screenshot:

5. Open the SharePoint site and Login as Administrator.

6. Click on Site Actions on the right hand top corner and click on Site Settings

7. Go to Site Collection Features under Site Collection Administrator

8. Search for AW_AdvanceSearch_2013 Feature1 web part and Activate the solution.

9. Open the SharePoint page that has been created for the WebPart.

10. Click on Edit Page >> Insert Tab on the top left >> Click on Web Part >> Click on Custom under Categories and select AW_AdvanceSearch_2013 web part and click on Add

11. After adding the web part save the SharePoint Page.

12. After saving the page below screen shot will appear.

13. Click the Browse.. Button and select the license key which is sent to your mail address. Then click Open button

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