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AW Alert Messenger 2013

AW Alert Messenger 2013  web part is used to generate E-Mail alerts when an item of Lists or Libraries is Added / Updated / Deleted based on the mapping created between SharePoint Users and Lists or Libraries of the site.

The users will have option to delete and add new mappings between SharePoint Users and List or Library.

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Version: V 1.0 Last Updated: 1 Aug 2016
Compatibility: SharePoint Server 2013

AW Alert Messenger 2013

The main advantage of AW Alert Messenger web part is that by using this web part Site Administrator can configure alerts for any users or user groups and any Lists or Libraries of the site.

Alert can be sent for the following reason:

•if any changes is done in the column structure of List or Library

•if any items of List or Library is Added / Modified / Deleted

• if any documents is Attached within / Removed from a document library

• if the Check-in / Check-out status of Documents is changed

Alert can be sent to the following recipients for the above reasons:

• can be sent to Site Administrator

• can be sent to any User or User Group of the site or sub site

• can be sent to different sub site User or User Group for the changes in other sub site

• can be mapped between

Content of notification mail:

• Link can be provided to access the site or sub site

• Content of the mail can be modified as per requirement

• Subject line can be configured on the basis of event

A single Alert can be configured for multiple Lists or Libraries and any number of users of the site or sub site.

Notification mail can be sent to different domain user.

Provisions is there to send SMS Alert, but for that SMS gateway API to be integrated separately with the site.

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Alert Messenger

2013 & 2010


Send Alert for any Lists or Libraries


Single Alert can be used for only one List or Library


Single Alert can be used for multiple Lists or Libraries




Can send notification to Site Administrator


Can send notification to any Users or User Groups of the Site



Can configure Alert to different users for different Lists or Libraries



Can send Alert automatically for modification of List or Library structure


Can send Alert automatically for Add/ Edit/ Delete operations of any items



Can send Alert automatically for status changes of attached documents



Can be deployed in SharePoint Foundation 2010 & SharePoint Server 2010



Can be deployed in SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013



Can send notification through Email


Can be sent notification through SMS by integrating SMS gateway (on request)



Can provide link within notification mail for site access



Can modify the content of the notification mail



Can send notification mail to different domain user


System requirements –

• Windows Server 2012 or 2008 R2

• SharePoint Server 2013

• SQL Server 2012 or 2008 R2

Please follow the following steps to install the Addons:

1. Extract the zip file and copy the “AW_AlertMessenger_2013.wsp” in C drive Steps for Deploying the Web Part:

2. Open Command Prompt as Administrator and write the following command:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN>

stsadm.exe -o addsolution -filename C:\ AW_AlertMessenger_2013.wsp

• Open Central Administrator >> Go to System Settings >> Click on Manage Farm Solutions

• Click on AW_AlertMessenger_2013.wsp >> Click on Deploy Solution. Now Deploy the solutions in the SharePoint site.

• Open the SharePoint site and Login as Administrator.

• Click on Setting on the right hand tip corner and click on “Site Settings”

• Go to “Site Collection Features” under “Site Collection Administrator”

• Search for “AW_AlertMessenger_2013 Feature1” web part and activate the solution.

• Click on Settings on the right hand top corner and click on “Add Page”.

• Give a Page Name and click on Create.

• After the Page has been created, click on “Insert” Tab on the top leftClick on “Web Part”Click on “Custom” under “Categories” and select “AW_AlertMessenger_2013” web part and click on “Add”

• After adding the web part save the SharePoint Page.

• After saving the page below screen will appear.

• Click the Browse.. button and select the license key which is sent to your mail address. Then click Open button.

• Click on Register Key button. After seccessfully update the license fileyou will be re-directed to the AW_AlertMessenger_2013 Page

It will be provided after purchase.

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