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AW Bulk Attachment Utility 2013

This InfoPath form allows user to attach multiple files from user chosen Source FTP Directory to InfoPath Form Library. Files are attached automatically with a single Library Item through InfoPath form. It also facilitates to attach more than one file in a single Library item.
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Version: 1.1 Last Updated: 1st August 2016
Compatibility: SharePoint 2013

AW Bulk Attachment Utility 2013

Attachment of multiple documents in repeating tables has always been a nightmare for SharePoint users. The AW Bulk Attachment Utility makes it very easy for users to upload bulk attachments from any FTP server to the form library.

  • Any type of file format can be attached automatically in form library by using this utility.
  • Users just need to maintain a List where Library Item wise document names are available.
  • This utility just collect the document name from the List and attach the documents in the InfoPath form Library.

  • Attached multiple files under a single Library Document
  • Attached files automatically for a single Library Item
  • Attached any type file format
  • Files are stored within repeating table
  • Item wise multiple files are attached automatically without manual intervention
  • Item wise file names are collected from a normal List
  • Files can be collected for attachment either from Source Directory or FTP Server
  • It also Supported on SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013
  • Supported on Info Path 2010 and Info Path 2012
  • May be used for any Info Path Form Library
  • Attached files can be downloaded
  • Group wise access can be controlled for file downloading

System requirements –

            SharePoint Server  2013

            Windows Server 2012 / 2008 R2

           SQL Server 2012 / 2008 R2

           Microsoft Office Info Path 2012 / 2010

           Internet Explorer 9 and above


 Step 1. Unzip the file and save the file to a location. User will get MultipleAttachment.xsn file

 Step 2. Open SharePoint 2013 Central Administrator

 Step 3. Go to General Application Settings by selecting the option from left side panel

 Step 4. Select Manage form templates under InfoPath Forms Services

 Step 5. Go to Upload Form Template page by clicking Manage form templates

 Step 6. Choose the MultipleAttachment.xsn file from directory folder and click Upload button

 Step 6. Right click MultipleAttachment.xsn and select Activate to a Site Collection to activate the file for the specific site

 Step 7. Choose the proper Site Collection by clicking on Site Collection  Change Site Collection

 Step 8. Click “OK” and the InfoPath form will be activated

 Step 9. After activating the file, create a Form Library with name Multiple Attachment in the specified Site Collection

 Step 10. Open the Site Collection in a new tab and open the Multiple Attachment Form Library

 Step 11. Go to Library Settings of the Form Library.

 Step 12. Click Advanced Settings under General Settings.

 Step 13. Choose Yes for Allow management of content types? and click OK Button.

 Step 14. Click Form and select Add from existing site content types

 Step 15. Select MultipleAttachment and click Add > button then click OK button.

Step 16. Click Change new button order and default content type

 Step 17. Check MultipleAttachment and uncheck any other content types, click OK button

 Step 18. Create a Custom List with the name Attachment List with two columns Title (by default generated) and Attachment Name (have to create with single line text) then add records. Title will be Library File “Title” for which files to be uploaded and corresponding “Attachment Name” will be the file attachment name with extension.

 Step 19. Again open Multiple Attachment Document Library and click “+ Add document”

 Step 20. Below screen will appear and select Click here to attach a file

 Step 21. Click Browse… button, choose the license key file which sent to your mail, click Open button then click Attach button.

 Step 22. Click on Register Key button. After seccessfully update the license file you will redirect to the Multiple Attachment Tool

It will be provided after purchase.

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