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AW Dynamic Dashboard

The Dynamic Dashboard is a powerful tool for the store owner to get very informative ecommerce analytics. There is a capacity in the shopping cart for infinite trading and owners would like to maximize sales as much as possible. By this dashboard, owners can visualize their total business trading with insightful analytics like Sales Charts, Top Products, Top Customers, Top Sellers, Top categories, Year/Month wise Sale Comparison, Monthly Order and Revenue Report in matrix format- all in the form of different graphs and html reports. This would help the owners take intelligent predictive and proactive decisions and actions for their online store.

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Version: Last Updated: 17th January,2016
Compatibility: DotNet 3.5 Framework and above, SQL Server 2005 and above, ASPDotNetStorefront 9.3 and above

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AW Dynamic Dashboard

AW Dynamic dashboard is an ASDPNSF add on which will help you to make dynamic dashboard for your site with different graph and html report. Installation is very easy and user friendly.

Complete dynamic dashboard for ASPDotNetStorefront version 9.3 and above.

Clients can design Business Intelligence reports like:

  • Sales Charts
  • Top Products
  • Top Customers
  • Top Sellers
  • Top Categories
  • Year/Month wise Sale Comparison
  • Monthly Order and Revenue Report in matrix format

Files associated:

  • Citytech_Dashboard.aspx
  • Citytech_Dashboard.aspx.cs
  • AW.Runtime.dll
  • AWCitytechDynamicDashboard.dll
  • Implementation:



  • Use Readme file to install our product UI.
  • Use our license file to activate the UI. You will find the steps in our readme file.
  • We are providing a predefine dashboard.
  • For further implementation see the developer manual

(AW_Citytech_Dynamic_Dashboard_Developer_Manual) . It helps you to create a chart object and assign data to it. First release with ASPDotNetStorefront.

License Install

Please follow the following steps to install this add-ons license

  • Unzip the license file and upload it through add-on page.
  • Reset the cache from admin panel
  • Refresh the page again
  • If you are able to see the UI then you can be sure that license file has been installed successfully.
  • If you face problems in installation then please call us. We will be happy to help you.

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