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AW Simple Search

Simple Search add-on will give customers the easiest way to find out SharePoint List/ Library Items. It presents a simple, straightforward search interface for a select list without confusing field lists or Boolean operators. The search results are presented like a SharePoint list/library view that is familiar to most end users.

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Version: V1.0 Last Updated: 1st August 2016
Compatibility: SharePoint 2010

AW Simple Search

The Simple Web Part allows you to configure the Web Part so that end users can quickly search a preconfigured list using preconfigured search criteria. The end user only enters in search criteria and views the search results. It allows end users more control over their search options. The end user can select the list to search and the list view for displaying search results:

  • Select which list you want to search and the specific fields from the list that you want to search with.
  • Indicate that the search is always an And search.
  • Select which List view you want to use to display the search results.
  • Allow users to perform a key word search in all list columns.
  • Specify a set of lists to be available for the user to select from for searching.
  • Keep the search criteria on the same page with the search results.

  • Supported on SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010.
  • Specify the list to be searched; view to use to display the search results, and the fields within the list to make available for use as search criteria.
  • Constrain a search to a single list without having to create an index and search scope.
  • Display search result hits by individual list item. • Allow AND operator to be included in the search criteria.
  • Ability to search key words in all list columns.
  • Users now have the option to select available lists.
  • Allow users to Export searched results to Excel

System requirements –

              Windows Server 2008 R2/2012

              SharePoint Server 2010

              SQL Server 2008 R2/2012


1. Extract the zip file and copy the AW_SimpleSearch_2010.wsp in C drive

2. Steps for Deploying the Web Part: Open Command Prompt as Administrator and write the following command:

 C:> cd\

 C:> cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\BIN

 C:> stsadm.exe -o addsolution -filename C:\AW_SimpleSearch_2010.wsp

3. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administrator >> Go to System Settings >> Click on Manage Farm Solutions and search for aw_simplesearch_2010.wsp

4. Click on aw_simplesearch_2010.wsp >> Click on Deploy Solution. Now Deploy the solutions in the SharePoint site. After it is deployed it will look like the following screenshot:


5. Open the SharePoint site and Login as Administrator.

6. Click on Site Actions on the left hand top corner and click on Site Settings

7. Go to “Site Collection Features” under “Site Collection Administrator”

8. Search for “AW_SimpleSearch_2010 Feature1” web part and Activate the solution.

9. Open the SharePoint Page that has been created for the WebPart, click on Edit Page >> “Insert” Tab on the top leftClick on “Web Part”Click on “Custom” under “Categories” and select “AW_SimpleSearch_2010” web part and click on “Add”

10. After adding the web part save the SharePoint Page.

11. After saving the page below screen shot will appear.

12. Click the Browse.. Button and select the license key which is sent to your mail address. Then click Open button.

13. Click on Register Key button. After seccessfully update the license file you will direct to the Simple Search

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