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AW Backup

AW Backup is an add-on of AspDotNetStorefront. This add-on makes it easy to manage the database backups. Admin user can take the database backup in a single click and download the backup file if needed.
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Version: Last Updated: 1st August 2016
Compatibility: ASPDNSF 8+

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AW Backup

  • Create database backup with just one click.
  • Download this backup file with a single click.
  • Store a copy of database backup in a database server and also in application server for emergencies.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Can also incorporate other web/windows applications. For further info, please contact us through support ticket for this additional paid service.

Note: We recommend to use it in dedicated database server only.

  1. The default path of the database backup is already set. There are two procedures to set the default backup path.
    • This tool automatically tries to retrieve the default backup path from SQL Server and displays it. If it fails, there is an alternative way to set the backup path.
    • If the tool fails to gather info about the default path, please create an AppConfig Key named “BACKUPPLUSPath” as described above and set the path.

      Note: If the key is available, it automatically picks this path as default backup path and ignores SQL Server settings.
  2. To backup database, click on Create Backup button.
  3. Backing up may take a while and the spinning wheel indicates backup process is in progress.
  4. To download the backup, click the Click here link and save the backup to your local machine.

  1. Place ASPX page and code behind file in the ADMIN folder.
  2. Place LOADER.GIF file in the ADMIN\IMAGES folder.
  3. Add reference of the Citytech.AW.BackupPlus.dll in bin folder.
  4. Open AdminMenu.ascx.cs (code behind file) from ADMIN\ CONTROLS
  5. Locate the function written bellow.
    private MenuItem GetChildMenuItems(MenuItem parent)
  6. Add following lines at the end (before end of switch case, in CONFIGURATION section) MenuItem childBackupPlus = GetMenuItem("BackupPlus", "BackupPlus", "BackupPlus.aspx"); parent.ChildItems.Add(childBackupPlus);
  7. Now run, it should display a menu named “BackupPlus” at the end of configuration in Admin Panel.
  8. Then go to “Content” menu in Admin Panel, add a string resource as follows.
    - Add a key display.loader.gif.
    - Set path of image like “images/loader.gif”.
  9. Click on that menu, this should display the UI of BackupPlus.
  10. If the default backup path has to be changed, then please add an APPCONFIG key “BACKUPPLUSPath” of string type and mention the backup path of DB server.
  11. Now create a folder in application server in “\Web\images\document\DBBacks”. This DBBACKS folder will contain the backup file in application folder. So read/write permission should be required. This folder is only used for BackupPlus. Please don’t place other files here.
  12. Now test and try.
  13. If everything is okay go for live.
  14. For further assistance please contact vendor.

Sl. No.

Released Version

Date of Release

1 Minor change in UI

2nd August 2013

2 Minor rectification of exception raise

21st June 2013

3 Change in connectivity

10th May 2013

4 First release with AspDotNetStorefront

3rd March 2013

Please follow the following steps to install this add-ons license

  • Unzip the license file and upload it through add-on page.
  • Reset the cache from admin panel.
  • Refresh the page again.
  • If you found the UI then you may sure that license file installed successfully.
  • Reset the cache again to reduce request load.
  • If you found problem in installation then please call us. We are happy to help you.

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