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Buy X Get Y discounts in nopCommerce E-commerce Solution allow you to increase sales of chosen products. The Buy X Get Y Free application facilitates a number of shopping scenarios, such as: • Buy specific product with X quantity, get least price product with Y quantity for free.

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Buy X Get Y discount plugin for nopCommerce

With this nopCommerce plugin, you can appeal the customers with advanced promotions like 'Buy X product get Y product with 50% discount', 'Each 2nd items for 50%', 'Get 20% off if placed more than 4 orders before', 'Buy 3 products and get 40% off for the cheapest' and many more.

  • This nopCommerce plugin deals with inexpensive and most expensive items
  • You can discount items to a fixed price and by percent
  • It deals with quantity steps, of ‘Buy X Get Y’ type

Here are just some examples of the discount rules you can create with this nopCommerce plugins

  • Buy 2 T-shirts and get 3rd with $40 off
  • Buy pants and get a belt $20 off
  • Buy a coat and get a hat with the 20% discount
  • Add a pair of jeans to the cart and choose any belt you like just for the fixed price of 25$
  • Buy 2 shirts and get any tie for just $5
  • Get any 4 items from category "Accessory" for 20$