Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between customers and Addonworks (Citytech Software Pvt Ltd) (as defined below) provided through a website: addonworks.com (“Website”), where

“Addonworks” is the company Citytech Software Private Limited, established and existing under the law of West Bengal (India), with its registered office at 38B Pratapaditaya Road, Kolkata 700026

“customer(s)” is a party who have created an account on the Website for the proposes to get a license for the Software and/or service(s) provided by Addonworks. The customer may be an entrepreneur or consumer. Consumer is a natural person, who purchases the software for other than entrepreneurial purposes. Entrepreneur is a natural person or legal entity who holds the respective entrepreneurial license and who purchases the software and/or service(s) within his/her entrepreneurial activity.

Software and Services

  • 1. Addonworks develops following software: Extensions for Magento, NopCommerce (Supportable versions) (“Software”) that can be can be purchased by the customer under license agreement through the Website.
  • 2. By purchasing the Software, the customer agrees to the license agreement related to the Software.
  • 3. Under these terms and conditions as well as under other documents and agreements Addonworks may (1) provide the customer with the Software under Addonworks.com End-User License Agreement, (2) perform Support Services under Addonworks.com Support License Agreement, (3) perform the customization and development services under the Agreement for Software Customization and Development Services and/or these terms and conditions; (4) provide other services at its own discretion. These terms and conditions govern all listed actions, unless otherwise expressly provided for in special agreements.

Vendor Software

  • 1. Addonworks may and has the right to sublicense Software developed by third-party (“Vendors”) to its customers based on a written agreement between Addonworks and the Vendor regulating the licensing terms.
  • 2. By purchasing Vendor Software, the customer agrees to the license agreement related to the Software provided by the Vendor. Vendor’s Licence Agreement is available via a direct link on the product page and/or Vendor Website.
  • 3. Addonworks provides updates for Vendor Software purchased at Addonworks website in accordance and for the duration stipulated in the license agreement of the respective Vendor. Latest versions of the purchased Software available to the customer can be found in the customer’s account. Addonworks reserves the right to exclude any product from the sales at any time. In such a case, Addonworks will cease to develop and offer to its customers any update of such product.
  • 4. Addonworks offers to its customers – entrepreneurs support for Vendor software purchased from Addonworks in accordance with the terms of free support provided by the Vendor - that may include 90 days of free support with an option to extend the period or support services provided as part of product subscription by the Vendor. Support Services provided by Addonworks may include: pre-sale consultations, product functionality consultations, installation and configuration consultations. Further support services are provided by Vendor according to Vendor Support Policy and may include but is not limited to: issue verification on non-customized environments, issue verification on Customer environment, issue resolution and debugging in case such resolution is possible/viable.
  • 5. All other terms and conditions stipulated by the present Agreement are equally valid for Addonworks and Vendor Software.

Website Registration Procedure and Customer Account

  • 1. Any user of Website has the possibility to set up a customer’s account with Addonworks.
  • 2. Customer has the possibility to purchase the Software and/or services through the customer’s account. However, Addonworks offers to the customers also the possibility to set up customer’s account without the need to purchase any Software or services from Addonworks.
  • 3. These terms and conditions shall be effective from the moment of customer’s account creation.
  • 4. The purpose of the customer’s account is, among other things, to inform the customers of Addonworks on updates of the Software in case the customer purchased the Software developed by Addonworks.
  • 5. In case the customer provides Addonworks with the respective consent on the processing of customer’s personal data, Addonworks will provide the customer through (i) the customer’s account, (ii) email, (iii) notification feed in customer admin areas

Conclusion of the License Agreement

  • 1. The customer may place an order to purchase the Software by aquiring a license under the License Agreement through (i) existing customer’s account, or (ii) directly with the Website using the respective order form, or (iii) through Adobe Marketplace. In case the customer places the order through Adobe Marketplace, Addonworks may automatically create customer’s account for such customer.
  • 2. Relationships about the providing the Software by license are governed by the License Agreement.


  • 1. Addonworks provides its customers with a guarantee of bug [defect]-free functioning of the Software. The guarantee period is two years and commences on the day of the conclusion of the license agreement between Addonworks and the customer.
  • 2. The customer may claim a bug [defect] of the Software by written notice, email delivered to Addonworks, support system or by email.
  • 3. Addonworks does not guarantee bug free functioning of the software and/or support inquiry investigation in case:
    • 1. the customer does not use the latest version of the Software;
    • 2. the customer does not use the latest version of Magento or nopCommerce and/or PHP or .NET ;
    • 3. the customer uses the edition of the Software that does not correspond to the edition of Magento or nopCommerce;
    • 4. the customer uses customized Magento or nopCommerce;
    • 5. the customer has modified/customized Software.
  • 4. Furthermore, Addonworks does not guarantee the bug free functioning of its software in combination with third-party products.

Refund Policy

Amasty offers to its Customers a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee for the Software. In case the acquired extension didn’t meet your expectations, our support team is always ready to help you. Fees for support subscriptions and any services provided by Amasty are not refundable.