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Delete Order

The default Magento functionality does not provide any provision for deleting orders. However, this is a very important functionality for all merchants and retailers. The Delete-Order extension allows the Administrator to delete all unwanted orders and related data like invoices, shipments, and credit memos from Magento Stores.

Google Address Lookup

Google Address Lookup for Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) allows the customer to Add/ Edit the account address and enter the address at the time of checkout by using Google Maps. With the help of this module, the customer can drag and drop the PIN icon on Google Maps to enter the address. Also, the billing address of the customer/ guest user can be entered by using the Google Map of this module.

Google Tag Manager

The implementation of the GTM code snippets usually requires you to edit and modify the source code of your store. Not anymore. With this Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension you only need to specify the GTM and GA4 tracking IDs in the admin panel. Now even non-technical store admins can add, edit and disable tags without having to rely on webmasters or technical support.

It enables you to get in-depth reports on customers' behavior, conversions, impressions, checkout, and other events through Google Analytics 4.

Update and Support (Annually) - $100

Shipment Status

Shipment Status module for Magento 2 allows to add, edit, delete custom shipment status. It also provides to set sort order for each shipment status. After shipment status change it will be reflected on order status also. These shipment statuses visible on frontend also.
Update and Support (Annually) - $120

Product Feed

The Product Feed extension enables the Magento store to create an unlimited number of custom product feeds. It helps to create the feed for any platform like Google, Facebook, Bing etc. The extension has a feature to customize the product feed content with any product attribute. It also has a provision to exclude products that are disabled, not visible or out of stock. It also adds condition-based products to the feed.
Update and support (Annually) - $110.

Admin Action Log

The Admin Action Log extension for Magento 2 is designed to enhance the data security of your store, track login attempts in the Admin panel, view failed attempts, and check the credentials of personnel who modified a product, category, or order. Customers can view the log history on the Log Viewer page along with the IP and Date on the action log. This feature is very crucial to manage your Magento store effectively, especially if your store has multiple Admins.
Update and support (Annually) - $120.


The Magento 2 Security Extension prevents various hacks or attempted attacks on the Adobe Commerce website. It notifies the Admin for failed login attempts for Admin as well as for customers. The Admin can blacklist IPs and ban the country where the website is restricted.