Efficient Vendor Management with Seamless ERP Integration

Welcome to our Vendor Management System (VMS)

Your comprehensive solution for managing vendor interactions and data with ease and efficiency.

The VMS is an online platform connected with ERP (Business Central), allowing users to manage resources efficiently and vendors to upload product details and documentation.

User Roles

There are two levels of users in VMS—Admin User and Vendor User, each with access based on their role.

Vendor Operations

Vendors can register, upload items for approval, manage approved items, and handle purchase orders, invoices, and returns.

System Integration

The VMS synchronizes with ERP for item registration, purchase orders, and returns, ensuring up-to-date data exchange.

Our system is designed to integrate smoothly with Microsoft Business Central, ensuring a seamless flow of information and a unified experience.

Streamlined Vendor Registration and Management

  • Simple Sign-Up:

    Vendors can quickly register through a straightforward form, gaining access to the system upon admin approval.

  • Vendor Dashboard:

    Access all necessary tools and information from a personalized dashboard, tailored to vendor-specific needs.

Robust Item and Price Management

  • Item Categorization:

    Manage items effectively with clear categorization into approved and prior approved (staging) items.

  • Price Catalog:

    Update and manage item costs in bulk, instantly reflecting changes across the system.

Purchase Order Efficiency

  • Order Tracking:

    Keep track of purchase orders with real-time status updates, ensuring transparency and control.

  • Invoice Handling:

    Upload and manage invoices directly within the system, streamlining the payment process.

Advanced Security and Technical Specifications

  • Secure Access:

    Built on the robust .NET Core 7.0 framework, our system prioritizes security and performance.

  • SQL Server Database:

    Rely on a solid backend infrastructure for reliable data management and storage.

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