nopCommerce Mobile App for iOS and Android

Convert your nopCommerce store into a mobile app and boost your sales with the best customer experience.

Use the links below to try the demo mobile application.

Ready to use

No Coding or Design Skills required

You just need a few simple steps to set up a Mobile App right in the Admin panel of your nopCommerce store and upload it to the App Store and Google Play Store. Post which, your customers can easily download the app and use your online store on their mobile devices.

Seamless Workflow

Manage your Mobile App directly from the nopCommerce Admin area. With this, you don’t need to submit each change to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Data Protection

Thanks to robust backend technologies and third-party integrations, the Mobile App protects sensitive data and prevents retail fraud. It also supports secure authentication, protecting customer data at all costs.

Deliver Exceptional CX

The Mobile App supports the built-in functionality of nopCommerce, ensuring excellent mobile customer experience at par with the responsiveness of your eCommerce website.

Easily adapt to any business requirements

Available with source code

You can expand the functionality of the mobile app with new features and tailor it to your business needs.

Built on the powerful React Native

React Native is an open-source framework by Google. It is easy to learn and offers a fast way to build natively compiled apps for both iOS and Android. A single code base guarantees unparalleled productivity. React Native runs on Dart, a high-performance, portable language for multi-platform development. The new React Native 3 includes support for Material You, allowing developers to take advantage of an adaptable, cross-platform design system that offers dynamic colour schemes and updated visual components.


Based on the latest mobile development technologies

State Management - Riverpod is used as a reactive caching and data binding environment.

Networking - To access the Web API, we automatically generate a client based on the OpenAPI format using the Swagger generator.

Navigation and routing - The routing layer is provided by the go_router package, which provides a URL-based declarative API, making it easier to navigate and process links.

Includes the Web API plugin

The installation package includes the nopCommerce Web API plugin with the source code (so you don’t need to buy it as a stand-alone plugin, which will save you $990). The Web API plugin covers all the nopCommerce methods: backend and frontend.

Try our mobile app demo on your Android or iPhone

Use the links below to download the nopCommerce demo mobile app from the App Store or Google Play

Modern, clean and user-friendly design

UI design at its finest

The nopCommerce mobile app is built with the Material 3 Design. It is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of UI design.

Limitless customization Best mobile customer experience

List of supported features

Here are all the features supported by the nopCommerce mobile app:






Product details




Product review

My Account


Contact Us

Shopping Cart

My orders

Add to cart


The mobile app is available at $2500.

The installation package of the nopCommerce mobile app includes the Web API plugin (so you don’t need to buy it as a stand-alone plugin, which will save you $990).

Installation process and supported versions:

Find more information on how to set up and publish your mobile application here.

The mobile app is compatible with nopCommerce 4.50 and above.

Terms of use

  • Under the nopCommerce mobile app license, you can install and use the mobile app with the Web API plugin only on a single website domain (URL).
  • If you want to purchase the mobile app for multiple URLs, please contact us for a special price.
  • Within 12 months after the purchase, you’ll get access to:
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Free upgrades to the latest nopCommerce versions.
  • You can still use the mobile app after this period. But if you want to preserve access to bug fixes and free upgrades to the latest versions of nopCommerce, you’ll have to renew the license for one more year. The renewal cost comes with a 50% discount. This renewal option (50% discount) is available only 30 days prior to the date your license expires. After that date this discount won't be available so it's highly recommended to renew the license in advance.
  • Please read the license terms here.

Boost your sales by enhancing
customer experience

  • Improve mobile conversion
  • Protect customer data
  • Exceptional customer experience

Your license will be set for this URL. For example, If you want to purchase the plugin for multiple URLs, please contact us to discuss discounts. If you've already bought the nopCommerce Web API plugin, please contact us to get the discount.


Need more information?

Here’s a list of most frequently asked questions.

Any React Native Mobile App version which has SOAP web service.

Need to include best possibility with system configuration if required.

Yes, for additional sync-features, please get in touch with our Customer Service team for the customization of the product.

Yes, the package middleware supports auto sync and scheduler features. From this perspective the middleware can perform auto data fetch and push to nopCommerce from React Native Mobile App ERP and vice versa, the scheduler has date and time-wise data update feature from React Native Mobile App to nopCommerce.

No. Please contact us if you are looking for any other eCommerce.

Yes but not provided in this package. You need to contact us for the product customization.

The support pack will provide you 10 hours development time and you can use it to setup React Native Mobile App and other online support for it.

Yes, but in seperate instance of the React Native Mobile App.

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