Sage Pay Payment (Citytech)

Sage Pay Payment method for nopCommerce. Payments.CitytechSagePay is a nopCommerce Payment method that interacts with sagePay payment gateway. Get Trial

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Sage Pay Payment

Citytech Sage Pay is a nopCommerce Payment plugin that interacts with sagePay payment gateway. This plugin uses the Form Redirection method to post Payment Data directly to Sage Pay. The payment processing is done in a Sage Pay secure environment, ensuring a secure transaction.
The plugin uses sagePay API on the server side to communicate directly to the Sage pay server for verification. Multiple stage transaction security verification is performed inside the plugin to identify the payment status. This plugin supports payment Capture, Void, Refund and Partial Refund. Sage Pay’s Direct payment feature is integrated into the plugin, this excludes the requirement of manual Capture, eliminating the need of capturing the transaction from admin panel.
  • Support nopCommerce version: 4.10
  • Supports Capture, Void, Refund and Partial Refund.
  • HTTPs redirect for payment and REST API integration for secure payment transaction verification
  • Additional Fee of payment gateway[optional] is Configurable as Fix/Percentage
  • Retry Payment option avilable on failed/cancelled transaction, in My acccount->Order History section
  • Sandbox mode available to test the store before going live
  • 1. Sign up for a new Sage Pay account or use an existing account
  • 2. Log in to your Sage Pay account at ,or at
  • 3. Go to settings to create API credentials, Login as adnin and proceed to Settings > Administrator >Administrator Account Details

  • 4. Here, you get the Environment, Vendor Name, Integration Key and the Integration Password. From this portal you can obtain your Form Integration Encryption Password.
  • 5. Un-zip the file and copy the folder Payments.CitytechSagePay into the Plugin directory for your website
  • 6. Now Login to your nopCommerce website as the admin and install the Plugin Payments CitytechSagePay.
  • 7. From the admin panel, under the Payment methods, select Payments CitytechSagePay and click on Configure
  • 8. Enter the License Key. The License Key can be obtained from the order details that can be found in Order Details under My account.
  • 9. If you want to test your Sage Pay application then, check the TEST option or, check the LIVE option to use the plugin directly on your website.
  • 10. Enter the Vendor Name. You can get the Vendor Name from your Sage Pay merchant account.
  • 11. Enter the Form Integration Encryption Password from your Sage Pay account (Settings > Administrator >Administrator Account Details)
  • 12. Enter the API Integration Key from your Sage Pay account
  • 13. Enter the API Integration Password from your Sage Pay account
  • 14. The ‘Is Support Capture’ can be set to ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ depending on the type of capture. Setting the option to NO results in immediate capture that authorizes instant payment from the user. The ‘YES’ option results in First Authorize Next Capture method, where the payment is authorized and the merchant can manually capture the payment. The money is deducted from the user once the merchant presses Capture from the Order Details page.
  • 15. Your Payments CitytechSagePay set-up is now complete. You can now perform transactions using Sage Pay.