ZipMoney Payment

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Picture of ZipMoney Payment 4.1
Picture of ZipMoney Payment 4.20

Zip Payment nopCommerce plugin

Zip Payment Integration

  • 1. Un-zip the file and copy the folder Payments.ZipMoney into the Plugin directory of your website.
  • 2. Sign up for a new Zip Account or use an existing one
  • 3. Login to your Zip money merchant account from
  • 4. Click on Integration Details on the left pane as indicated below
  • 5. Here you can find the Public Key, Private Key (Web Store), and the Partner ID.
  • 6. Now log in to your nopCommerce website as the admin.
  • 7. From the admin panel, under Payment methods, select Payments Zip Money and click Configure
  • 8. Zip money supports Redirect and Lightbox, two different Flow Type for payment.
  • 9. There are two options under Payment Type. The first option is Immediate Capture and the second option is Authorize & Capture.

    [The option Immediate Capture will authorize and capture the payment from user and instantly deducts the payment from the user. The option Authorize & Capture will authorize the payment from the user and then permit the site admin to capture the payment manually from the admin panel. Once the admin presses Capture on the Order Details page, the money will be deducted from user account.]

  • 10. If you want to test your Zip Pay application then, check the Use Sandbox option. If you want to use the application live leave the Use Sanbox option unchecked.
  • 11. Merchant Id can be found in your Integration Details from the Zip money merchant account.
  • 12. The API key or the Private Key can be found in your Integration Details from your Zip money merchant account.
  • 13. API Endpoint for,
    • Sandbox :
    • Production :
  • 14. Your ZipMoney Payment method set-up is now complete. You can now perform transactions using ZipMoney Payment method in nopCommerce website.

Lightbox Checkout Library

You can use the client side Lightbox Checkout Library if you wish to have your checkout experience to be present in a lightbox, instead of a full page redirect. This library is hosted on a zip server.

The Lightbox Popup of Zip Money Payment